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DAI becomes the latest digital asset to be listed in Panda Exchange

Developed by the MakerDAO team, DAI has become the latest stablecoin to be listed as a trading option in every available market for our users in Panda Exchange.

This ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain is a fantastic way for every crypto enthusiast to apply for a loan while enjoying the advantages of a stable trading rate in a descentralized ecosystem.

DAI: a fantastic trading option for our users in Panda Exchange

This USD-backed ERC-20 token is now one of the many trading options we offer in Panda Exchange, and our users can enjoy the advantages of using it in their everyday crypto transactions, as long as they have registered and completed their identity verification process in the available trading market for their region in Panda Exchange. DAI has become an amazing choice for crypto enthusiasts who want to trade easily, speedily and safely in our platform.

DAI can be part of a wide variety of trading pairs with *all the crypto assets, ERC-20 tokens and fiat currencies that have been listed in our trading platform. Therefore, this promising stablecoin is the fifth digiutal asset that can be part of a trading pair in all the markets available to our users. Please, remember that crypto-fiat trading is determined by the market in which you operate as a user in Panda Exchange.

There’s no need to wait anymore; get ready to trade with DAI now!

If you want to start trading with DAI in our platform, you can do so as soon as you finish reading this announcement! Log in to Panda Exchange, make a deposit in DAI and start trading this incredible stablecoin with every other asset we have to offer to our Panda Crew.

Our Help Desk Team will be more than happy to guide you in every step of the way. Trading with this UDS-backed stablecoin is actually very easy, and we are willing to make this experience even easier to our users. If you have any questions or comment, please, do not hesitate to contact our Help Desk Team. Our users are our most valuable assets.

The Panda Exchange Team. Join the Panda Crew!