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Operations with BCH will be paused by the hardfork of November 15

Attention Panda Exchange users!

As of 00:00 (UTC) on Thursday, November 15, the platform will not be processing deposit operations or withdrawals with Bitcoin Cash.

We ask you to pause making deposits to the Bitcoin Cash addresses from that moment and until further notice, because due to the hardfork planned these deposits will not be processed correctly, risking a loss in your money.

The BCH network is subject to regular upgrades for improved performance. This time, the team hasn’t found a consensus, so the chain might split, resulting in two separate coins. From Panda Exchange we emphasize that we will only provide support as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the proposal known as Bitcoin ABC, so we will not be supporting any other chain or currency derived.

Also, if you wish to obtain a hypothetical new currency you must withdraw your funds in Bitcoin Cash from our platform before November 15, 2018. We remind you that Panda Exchange is an exchange platform and not a wallet, so we always emphasize our recommendation to withdraw your digital assets from our exchange once your exchange operations are completed.

The suspension of operations also includes the pause of the market against Bitcoin Cash within Panda Exchange in all regions until further notice.

Panda Exchange team.