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Dash joins the Panda Exchange family!

As part of our constant evolution and willingness to offer only the very best to our users, Panda Exchange has taken every possible step to incorporate Dash to our trading options in our platform.

By including this promising crypto asset, our trading list, our beloved users can trade easily, safely and speedily in ten crypto assets, as well as perform a variety of transactions in 89 crypto assets in our platform. If you want to start trading with Dash as a verified member of the Panda Exchange family, you can start right now in any of our available markets. As usual, Dash can be part of a trading pair that includes any of the crypto assets we have to offer, and cyrpto-fiat trading is also available for Europe and Panama.

A crypto asset supported by a large community

Dash is one of the most promising digital asset for crypto enthusiasts: its scalability is amazing, it is incredibly safe and its trading fees are worthy of consideration. In terms of trading rates and market capitalization, Dash is certainly one of the most profitable assets in the cryptosphere.

Latin America has not hesitated to explore the wonderful opportunities Dash has to offer to this up-and-coming market. Therefore, it is only natural for us to offer trading opportunities with this digital asset to our most valuable asset: our users.

Get ready for two incredible surprises!

Our latest update will open the door to a series of opportunities to our Panda Exchange family, and Dash is eager to show us some love! If you are a user in our trading platform and Dash is one of your usual trading choices in your regular crypto transactions, you are elegible to participate in a fantastic contest that will start on November 21st and finish on December 21st, 2018. Five lucky winners will be chosen to obtain one Dash each as a reward for choosing us as their preferred trading platform and Dash as fantastic and profitable crypto asset. These winners will be announced on December 22nd, 2018 via our official social media account, as well as Dash’s.

Our second surprise is also incredible. One of the most attractive features Dash has to offer will be available to our users in Panda Exchange. InstaSend will allow any Dash enthusiast in our platform to operate in the Dash network even faster and safer without any risks or exhorbitant trading fees. Amazing, right?

An available trading option in four crypto-crypto pairs and two crypto-fiat pairs

Starting now, every registered and verified user in Panda Exchange is allowed to include Dash as one of the favorite trading choices and make a broad variety of transactions in crypto-crypto pairs with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI and TrueUSD. Crypto-fiat pais with euro and US dollar will be available for our users in the European and Panamanian markets. Availability for this type of trading will depend on the characteristics of each market.

In the last few months, Panda Exchange has experienced a series of upgrades that can only benefit our most valuable asset: our users. We are deeply thankful for your support and we will continue to offer only the very best trading options in a fast, transparent and safe environment. New amazing features and surprises are coming your way, and we will announce them via our official website and social media accounts.

The Panda Exchange Team
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