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Panda Exchange starts trading in Panama.

Our latest update in Panda Exchange is certainly exciting for our team because it involves offering our services to a brand new market in Panama. August 30th, 2018 is the day we open our newest office in Panama. Trading in more than 60 crypto assets and US dollar as an available fiat currency has never been easier for the Panamanian market thanks to Panda Exchange!

Panda Exchange becomes the first crypto exchange to have an office in Panamanian territory.

Nowadays, Panamanian crypto investors and enthusiasts can start trading their crypto assets on Panda Exchange thanks to the opening of our newest office in Panama. As usual, Panda Exchange offers to our Panamanian users the highest levels of convenience and safety when making a broad variety of transactions with the support of our exchange, the best user experience when navigating our user-friendly online platform, as well as the possibility to enhance their portfolios with interesting and profitable choices in crypto assets, ERC-20 tokens and US dollar as fiat currency.

For the first time ever, Panama can join the ever-growing community of crypto enthusiasts and investors around the world thanks to Panda Exchange. Our latest office in Panama makes us the first crypto trading company to have an office in Panamanian territory, which is certainly a significant cornerstone for this important and vibrant market in Central America and for us as a company in constant development and upgrading so that users from around the world can trade easily, quickly and safely as a member of the Panda Crew.

One more fiat currency joins our trading list on Panda Exchange

Our Portuguese office has certainly started a new and fascinating stage for Panda Exchange. This is our very first market to allow trading in fiat currency, and our team is very proud of this achievement and the implications and benefits this brings for the European members of our Panda Crew, especially when it comes to trading with euro as part of their favorite crypto-fiat pairs.

Panda Exchange Panama is just as special for us, since this is the very first crypto initiative to offer trading support for crypto-fiat pairs for the Panamanian market with the US dollar as part of that formula. Every crypto asset and ERC-20 token listed on Panda Exchange are available for trading with the most influential fiat currency in the world.

Unlike our European users, Panamanian investors and enthusiasts will follow a combination of online and on-site operations. Every transaction must be registered online by a registered user of our platform, but the actual transaction will be completed with the support of any previously-approved agent or operator in Panamanian territory. Panda Exchange must authorize any users and operators before settling any commercial agreement with our technological and financial support in Panama.

A 24/7 Support Service that caters to our Panamanian users right from the get-go

In Panda Exchange, our users are a priority for us and, of course, Panda Exchange Panama is not the exception to this, That is why we are proud to offer our Panamanian users personalized help desk support all day and every day. Our technical support team has been trained to give you the best answer to any questions you might have if you are member of our brand new Panamanian market, as well as to provide our 24/7 services in our four currently available languages: English, French, Portuguese and, of course, Spanish.

The Panda Exchange team continues to develop new updates that will bring exciting features and significant improvements to every member of our community. Very soon we will announce relevant information regarding our markets, and get ready for some new features that will ensure an even better user experience in our platform. For this reason, we invite you to stay alert to our official information channels and, please, share any questions you might have by contacting our specialized support team.

The Panda Exchange Team Join our Panda Crew!