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TrueUSD becomes a fantastic trading option in our currently available markets and 9 new tokens have recently been included in Panda Exchange.

Our latest update in Panda Exchange will certainly benefit all of our registered users in our Latin American, European and Canadian markets. TrueUSD is now a fantastic trading option for those users who have satisfactorily completed their registration process in our platform, and our latest addition can be a part of a wide variety of trading pairs with every crypto asset, ERC-20 token or fiat currency that we have currently listed in Panda Exchange.

This newest member of our listing is certainly exciting for us because TrueUSD has become the first stablecoin to have been included in Panda Exchange, which gives our users amazing new possibilities when trading in our platform according to their user verification level.

Nine more ERC-20 have arrived at Panda Exchange

Panda Exchange keeps on giving more and more trading options to our users, and that is why nine ERC-20 tokens have arrived to our platform. These nine recently-listed tokens will allow the members of our Panda Crew to expand their portfolios in our platform and, of course, select those crypto assets that suit their actual trading wants and needs in Panda Exchange.

These exciting additions to our listing in Panda Exchange will be available for every single member of our community in Latin America, Europe and Canada. Since every single one of our registered members have met the mandatory requirements to trade in our platform, trading these recently-included ERC-20 with other crypto assets could not be faster, easier and safer.

These are the latest ERC-20 tokens to have been listed in Panda Exchange:

  • Bancor (BNT)

  • Blox (CDT)

  • Colu Local Network (CLN)

  • DAOstack (GEN)

  • Metal (MTL)

  • Neumarkt (NEU)

  • Storm (STORM)

  • SyncFab (MFG)

  • Tokenomy (TEN)

These nine crypto assets will be available as direct trading pairs with Ethereum y TrueUSD, as well as our listed ERC-20 tokens.

The Panda Exchange team continues to develop new updates that will bring exciting features and significant improvements to every member of our community. Very soon we will announce relevant information regarding our markets, and get ready for some new features that will ensure an even better user experience in our platform. For this reason, we invite you to stay alert to our official information channels and, please, share any questions you might have by contacting our specialized support team..

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