A company in search of a different goal, to optimize to the greatest possible degree the relationship of our users with a safe and user-friendly platform, which has been developed to cater to our users’ real wants and needs.

The best examples of Latin American talent have come together to give their support to the cryptosphere, as well as the blockchain environment, because they believe in the enormous potential that both crypto assets and their underlying technology have in this early stage of history.

Panda Exchange is in constant development thanks to the contributions of several crypto enthusiasts in America and the world. This allows us to incorporate more and more crypto assets and tokens to enhance our users’ portfolios. Offering our services to more and more markets is also a priority for us, so everyone can have access to the future of the economy.

Unlike many other trading platforms, in Panda Exchange we firmly believe in the greatness and importance of Bitcoin Cash in today’s and tomorrow’s crypto world. That’s why we offer direct pairs with this crypto asset, and its predecessor, Bitcoin. Ethereum is another crypto asset in our platform, which allows our users to trade with all ERC-20 tokens that are listed in Panda Exchange.

In our platform, users are certainly our most valuable asset. Therefore, we strive to improve our support service day after day in order to offer a timely, respectful and cordial response for every doubt and concern you might have, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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For more information about our platform and our services, you can contact our support team through our Help Desk or send us an email to