In Panda Exchange, our users are our most valuable asset, which is why protecting you, your personal information and your funds in our platform are our priority. However, protecting you and your assets is a joint effort between us and yourself. That gives you the power to become an active participant in our safety network.

Setting the 2FA

Setting this authentication protocol is mandatory in Panda Exchange; therefore, you will receive the guidance you need for properly completing this process in a fast and simple way, and this will secure your data and your funds right from the start.

Apply for user identity verification levels

Our platform follows the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification protocol, and this guarantees that every user in our platform is an honest member of the crypto community. Furthermore, this protocol ensures that the traded funds in our platform do not have an obscure origin.

By applying to the four different verification levels in our platform, you will have the chance not only to deposit and withdraw higher amounts of money in crypto assets and fiat currencies, but also to improve the level of safety while making any transaction.

Create a strong password and keep it safe

Your password is you main key to enter our platform; thus, it is your best ally when protecting your funds in Panda Exchange. When creating your password, remember not to use proper names or numbers that can be easily associated with your private life. Also, we recommend you to favor a combination of special characters and alphanumeric ones for your password. Finally, keep your password in a safe place that is known only by you.

Be careful when you log in

Pay special attention to the network you use when visiting Panda Exchange. Please, avoid any public network and only use reliable devices to log in our platform.