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Swap your local currency and cryptocurrency in a instant through the platform at a special price.

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We protect your investment and guarantee the confidentiality of your data. Your safety and ours go hand in hand.

It’s versatile.

Trade with Bitcoin Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Ripple, Zencash y tokens ERC-20. Coming soon with Colombian pesos (COP). All your coins in one place!

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Now you can log in to Panda Exchange to start trading with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Ripple, Zencash y tokens ERC-20, no matter where you are. Log in now and explore a trading platform that was made for you. Start trading on the market or use the Instant trading feature.

Trading with local fiat currency will soon be added for users in Colombia, Canadá, Portugal, and México. Follow us on our official social media channels or check out our PandaXCH blog to keep an eye on our latest news and announcements. What are you waiting for? Start exploring!


It’s fast.

On Panda Exchange you can trade your coins instantly through the platform at a special price, without having to wait for other users to match your bid.

It’s safe.

We take special care with the safety of our users’ funds and information. At Panda Exchange, the user our most valuable asset.

It’s versatile.

Right now we support trading with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and Litecoin. There’s new listings coming soon: Ethereum, ERC 20 tokens, Ripple, Dash and ZenCash. We’re constantly looking for new fiat coins and cryptocurrencies to add to our platform!

It’s dynamic.

We built our platform thinking of you: your needs, your questions, your comfort. Panda Exchange is easy to use, you can log in anywhere you are, and our support team is always ready to help.

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What are cryptocurrencies?

A new kind of trade!

They first appeared in 2009 with Bitcoin and now there are many more, each with its own features and different market performance. All cryptocurrencies are virtual currency, without physical representation. Their production, use, and distribution are decentralized, not controlled by any State, financial entity or country border. Cryptocurrencies can be traded directly from user to user or through an exchange. Their value is set by the balance between offer and demand on the market and, since they’re generated in a constant and controlled way, no one can inflate the coin’s price by simply “printing” more.

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How do I get cryptocurrencies?

Mine them, buy them or trade them!

La mayoría criptoactivos se crean a través de un proceso donde varias computadoras de alta capacidad, o “mineros”, se unen para resolver cálculos matemáticos que liberan un bloque de la moneda. Este se distribuye entre todos los mineros involucrados y el proceso continúa, cada vez con mayor dificultad. Quienes no minan criptoactivos pueden comprarlos con moneda tradicional, intercambiarlos por otros criptoactivos o aceptarlos a cambio de productos o servicios.

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What can I do with my cryptocurrencies?

Invest, purchase, save!

There’s already a growing number of places around the world —businesses both physical and online—that take cryptocurrency as a form of payment, either directly or through a payment processor. It’s also a way of investment and possibly preserving your money on the long run in economies where the local currency is continuously decreasing in value. You can also make a profit as a trader buying and selling your crypto stakes as you would a stock on the traditional stock market.

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