Exchange your crypto assets
easily, speedily and safely.

Exchange your crypto assets
easily, speedily and safely.

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We are a Latin American exchange platform that specializes in digital assets, and our main goal is to provide easy access to this groundbreaking technology for different markets not just in our continent, but also around the world.

Among our services, we offer the possibility to exchange both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as part of direct trading pairs with a series of different crypto assets listed in our platform. This type of trading transactions is also possible in the case of Ethereum and any of the ERC-20 listed in our trading platform.

Thanks to our filial office in Portugal, Panda Exchange is also a member of the European market of crypto assets, which allows us to offer crypto-euro trading pairs to those countries that are members of SEPA. In the foreseeable future, we will a broader support for fiat currencies by including the Canadian dollar in our listing of trading pairs. Said currency is mostly associated with the Canadian market.

We are a trading platform that is constantly evolving and expanding its horizons in order to offer our trading services to an increasing number of markets in Latin America and the world.

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Cripto Calculator

Find out the estimated market value of the assets in your portfolio and compare it to the other crypto assets listed in Panda Exchange.

How does it work?

Select both the digital asset you own and the active you would like to compare it with in terms of market value. Introduce an amount of your choice in the provided text box and that’s it! This conversion is completed by using the current market value presented in Panda Exchange as a referential price..

What does Panda Exchange offer you?

Find out more about each of the features our trading platform has to offer to the community members.

Your personal information: Safely secured!

One of the main advantages of descentralization is a guaranteed high level of safety, and keeping your personal data safe is a priority for us in Panda Exchange.

Your assets: Safe!

Every day, our development team is constantly working on enhancing our safety protocol in order to be prepared for any potential attack, and this guarantees that your assets will be protected when you are using our trading platform.

Personalized Help Desk

Sending a ticket and spending days waiting for an answer is a thing of the past in Panda Exchange. Our users are our most valuable asset and we are determined to offer them the best customer experience by personally answering any questions you might have for us.

Available in four languages

The entire Panda Exchange platform has been translated to Spanish, English, French and Portuguese; therefore, language is no longer an issue for our users when visiting our platform.

Easy interface

Our platform is structured in such a way that anyone from a seasoned trader or an unexperienced novice can navigate it intuitively. It is simple to use and easy to master.

Trading pairs with euro

Trading pairs with fiat currencies such as the euro and crypto assets are available for the European users in our platform thanks to our filial office in Portugal; therefore, it is a possible trading option for the entire European Union and the EEE.

Daily updated exchange rates

Crypto markets never sleep; therefore, in Panda Exchange we offer the most recent exchange rates available for every digital aspect listed in our platform, so our users can have access to updated valuable information 24/7.

Coming soon…

We are currently working on expanding our trading options to include fiat currencies in Canada (CAD), Panama (PAB), Mexico (MXN) and Colombia (COP), so our users have a wider selection of crypto assets available for the portfolios.

Steps to follow

Panda Exchange has been designed to be easily navigated by anyone. Would you like to start?

Get registered!
The platform will guide you throughout the registration process, which will not take longer than a few minutes, by asking you information in order to complete the necessary steps to have your own operative account in Panda Exchange.
Get verified!
In Panda Exchange, there are four verification levels, which will determine the amount of crypto assets you can withdraw from our platform. Submit your data, as well as the mandatory documents, and get to the next level without major delays.
Deposit your funds!
If your crypto assets are listed in our trading platform transfer, these funds can be transferred into your personal account in Panda Exchange. As soon as you do this, you will be ready to trade in our platform. Deposits in our listed fiat currencies are also available to our users.
Now you are set and ready to go! All you have to do now is place your first order in our platform and receive an amount of crypto assets that corresponds to the funds you have previously deposited in your account.
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Latest news!

Panda Exchange is a cutting-edge platform that is constantly evolving in order to keep up with the latest developments. Therefore, it is important that you follow our latest updates regarding the new features that will officially be included in our platform.