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Meet Panda Exchange!

We are a platform entirely developed in Latin America for the exchange of cryptocurrency.

We promote the use and adoption of digital assets by enabling their acquisition and trading.

We support assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), which can be bought or sold for Colombian pesos (COP) from Colombia or exchanged among them from anywhere in the world.

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What does Panda Exchange offer?

Find out about every feature our exchange platform has for the community.


Panda Exchange provides support for the main currencies of the industry, which can be traded among them or for local currency according to the market where you are verified.

Crypto Calculator

You can know the estimated value of cryptocurrency listed on Panda Exchange in relation to other assets on our platform.

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How does it work?

Select the tabs according to the asset you own and the asset you wish to know the price. Enter the price in the editable box and that's it. The conversion is made by referring to the current exchange value on Panda Exchange.

Validate your account

Panda Exchange has several verification levels and depending on the information you share with us, you will be able to get higher limits for deposits and withdrawals.

Similarly, in order to operate in a market with local currency support, you must be verified in it.

Your information is completely safe with us.

Steps to follow

Panda Exchange is designed for anyone to use it in a safe and easy way. Do you want to start?

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Sign up

The platform will guide you through the process by asking you the necessary data for the registration. In a few minutes your account will be ready.

Verifica tu identidad icon

Verify your identity

We have several levels to establish the limit for deposits and withdrawals. Submit your documents and verify your account in order to operate.

Deposita tus fondos icon

Deposit your funds

Send your crypto assets to the Panda Exchange address or deposit your funds in local currency if you are verified in one of our markets.

Comienza a intercambiar icon

Start trading

Create your first order and make your first operation on the platform. You can withdraw your new assets or exchange seamlessly.

Latest announcements!

We are constantly publishing official announcements on our blog about our platform’s novelties, which is in permanent development, as well as informative and educational articles related to cryptocurrency and our services.