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Panda Exchange starts trading in Portugal.

Our latest update in Panda Exchange is certainly exciting for our team because it involves offering our services to a brand new market in Europe. Thanks to the opening of our most recent office in Portugal, every single one of our users who are also residents of any of the 35 members of the SEPA can use our platform to trade more than 50 crypto assets as crypto-crypto trading pairs, as well as crypto-euro ones. Using fiat currency in Panda Exchange has never been easier for the European members of our community!

Our platform continues to expand to different markets around the world by opening our brand new Portuguese office.

Nowadays, crypto investors and enthusiasts around Europe can start trading their crypto assets in Panda Exchange. According to your user verification level available for the Portuguese market in our platform, if you are a member of our European community, you will be able to seize every suitable opportunity to enjoy our wide selection of trading choices with Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum available for every ERC-20 token that is listed in Panda Exchange. Also, if you have registered from any country that is an active member of the SEPA, you can also start trading in euro in our Portuguese market.

This is our very first market to allow trading in fiat currency, and our team is very proud of this achievement. Our brand new Portuguese office is certainly a major cornerstone for the rest of the Panda Exchange markets to incorporate crypto-fiat pairs into their trading choices and, of course, improving our users’ experience in our platform by adding new possibilities to enhance their portfolios in the foreseeable future.

A brand new update brings brand new features

Our most recent Panda Exchange office in Portugal will allow every member from this promising Portuguese market to register their bank accounts so they can start depositing and withdrawing their selected amount of euro that will allow them to start trading in our platform.

Thanks to our filial office in Portugal, Panda Exchange is also a member of the European market of crypto assets, which allows us to offer crypto-euro trading pairs to those countries that are members of the SEPA. This latest update will allow every resident in every single member state of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) to have euro as a possible trading option in our platform thanks to our brand new Portuguese office. As long as you are a resident of any of the 35 members of the SEPA, you will be able to register in our trading platform. In addition, language is no longer an issue in Panda Exchange. Our trading platform has become even more user-friendly by being translated into English, French, and Spanish in order to cater to our users’ needs.

Panda Exchange is now available in Portuguese

By adding Portugal to our selected group of markets, the Panda Exchange team has not forgotten our Portuguese-speaking users. One of the most significant features in our latest update has been offering our services in Portuguese. From now on, our Portuguese users can have access to all of our services including — our trading platform, our website and our Panda Exchange blog — in a language they can easily understand.

Our users are a priority for us, and that is why we offer our Portuguese users help desk support in their local language all day and every day. Our technical support team is not only fluent in Portuguese, but has also been trained to give you the best answer to any questions you might have if you are member of our brand new Portuguese market.

The Panda Exchange team continues to develop new updates that will bring exciting features and significant improvements to every member of our community. Very soon we will announce relevant information regarding our markets, and get ready for some new features that will ensure an even better user experience in our platform. For this reason, we invite you to stay alert to our official information channels and, please, share any questions you might have by contacting our specialized support team.

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